Collaborate with us to formulate tailored women’s health probiotic combinations into custom, market-ready supplement formats.

For today’s women, cultivating holistic health and mental well-being – via personalized probiotic solutions – is a key priority. In particular, the modern female consumer is seeking easy-to-use probiotic solutions paired with well-known botanicals for multiple health benefits – with 52% of U.S. women claiming convenience as their top influence in purchasing wellness products.

Looking for a top-to-bottom partner in bringing tailored, novel, women’s probiotic products to market? Let us help. Our broad portfolio combines quality probiotic strains, nutritious botanicals and bioscience ingredients, endorsed by robust science and stability data. Our combinations support women’s specific health concerns – beyond digestion, immunity and vaginal health – including stress relief, beauty-from-within and weight management.

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With our full-service capabilities, we’ll work with you to formulate your tailored women’s health concepts into custom, finished supplement formats. And, backed by our in-depth regulatory, manufacturing, and market intelligence, you’ll feel confident through each step of the process.

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